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Mini Samples
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A combination of three products especially made for the Y Catalog to let you try these amazing products. $6 Shipping will be added.

This is a combination of Overnight Fruit Lift Creme, Refreshing Citrus Cleanser and Rice Hydro Peptide Serum
Each sample size is 0.5 gram

The secret life of Wildflowers assist in cell renewal and are stress relieving for your beautiful complexion. Wildflowers are hand selected for maximum age prevention benefits and their exceptional healing properties. Dahliana includes Wildflower essences to give your skin instant radiance with five precious floral oils including Camellia that deeply heal and hydrate your skin. Dahliana has added coconut water to this latest hydrating thirst quencher and makes this serum perfect for spring and summer. Natural aromas of Summer-Time Meadows will be mildly addicting.

1 OZ

Seen on Hollywood Life: Best anti-aging wrinkle serum! A well-balanced moisturizing serum containing a natural hyaluronic acid, rice peptides and hibiscus tea. Highly-effective, biogenic ingredients provide the gateway to wrinkle-free skin. Hyaluronic acid creates an ideal environment for the generation of new skin cells and plays an important role in tissue hydration and cellular function. Its unsurpassed hydrating properties result in a smoother, softer and younger look. Perfect for every day and the best travel serum! With gorgeous citrusy natural notes. Best anti-aging wrinkle serum!

1 OZ

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This amazing nutrient rich cream sinks into the deepest layers of the skin and leaves no residue. Seabuckthorn berries and Rosehip heal, hydrate and protect all skin types. Whilst utilizing the purest and freshest organic and natural ingredients  Seabuckthorn berry Creme ensures that your skin will look and feel most youthful and radiant! Aromatically light with fresh delightful citrus notes.

1.5 OZ

Winner "Best Night Cream 2014"  The Beauty Shortlist, U.K.  Voted the best anti-aging wrinkle cream. Packed full of the worlds finest organic ingredients, this Powerful night creme is a unique combination of pharmaceutical strength Co-Enzyme Q10 with naturally active ingredients from fresh cold pressed acerola cherries. Overnight Fruit Lift boosts collagen production and refines the skin whilst providing deep hydration at the same time. Experience waking up with new, radiant and brighter skin! To be used in the evening as a night crŹme for face and neck. Replace old chemical retinol creams with this miracle product. Get the best rated anti-aging wrinkle cream here!

1.5 OZ

Concentrated Resveratrol Serum. A super-powerful antioxidant made from fresh juiced grapes. This high performance serum delivers a powerful punch of antioxidants to even skin tone, lighten age spots and destroy acne-causing bacteria. Whilst protecting the skin from the damaging effects of the environment. We included a micro Seaweed complex to amplify youthful skin and assist in balancing the skin's oil production. One of the most potent and fresh concentrated Resveratrol Serums on the skincare market today! Reveratrol offers superior anti-aging results.

1 OZ

EYE RENEW CREME Refreshing  organic Citrus Cleanser
Our Price:$125.00

Our extremely potent eye creme formula ensures new collagen production by stimulating new skin cells. Eye Renew contains naturally occurring Malic Acid and Seaweed complex that stop wrinkles in their tracks. Our Eye Renew Bio-Peptide complex helps soothe the delicate skin surrounding your eyes to restore vitality.  Primrose evening oil deeply hydrates and soothes!  Fine lines are reduced and we are left with brighter, lighter, super sparkly eyes. Collagen stimulating cream.

0.5 OZ

This is our Dahliana cult product - Loved by everyone! Powerful fruit enzyme-based cleanser with organic sugar cane and antioxidant protection. Gentle enough to use everyday without stripping the skin of it's natural oils, whilst offering deep cleansing with naturally astringent ingredients. Enjoy our cleanser morning and night as a refreshing way to keep skin in tip top condition whilst providing the perfect surface for applying either a day or night cream. Mild and lovely citrus notes!

4 OZ

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C R E A T E R A D I A N C E F R O M W I T H I N ,
E R A S E C E L L U L A R S T R E S S , A N D P R O T E C T Y O U R S K I N !
Our ENTIRE line is geared specifically towards providing anti aging benefits to a wide range of skin types. Through
years of scientific research, and more importantly, clinical experience, our company founder has chosen each individual
mixture with the particular aim of turning back the clock. This is accomplished by using a unique combination of
powerful key ingredients. Fresh fruit juices, naturally occurring fruit acids and fruit stem cells provide an enzyme
stimulated base, and non-chemical bioactive results: all working together to repair and protect your skin.
Be assured that each batch is blended from the freshest, most lively, and pure ingredients we can find; with nothing
superfluous added that could affect their potency, or irritate. Our natural formulas create a symbiotic effect providing
nutrition and penetrating the deepest layers of your skin. We are most certainly chemical, GMO, paraben, and sulfatefree!
All our products are vegan!
We believe that it’s possible to have beauty without compromise and we are dedicated to these following standards: Our
products are all 100% natural and we use certified organic whenever possible. We are: chemical free, paraben free, and
sulfate free. We are vegan. We do NOT test on animals. Our line is quality and therapy for your skin. So many are
already adopting a more natural way of eating and living. Allow your beauty routine to match that commitment. Create
radiance from within, erase cellular stress, and protect your skin!
Thank you.