WELCOME to The Y Catalog
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In The Y Catalog you will not only find the highest quality of hand selected items from the most highly regarded manufacturers in the yoga industry and you will also make an impact on the world we live in with every dollar you spend.

About us....

About us....

Conscious business and The Y Catalog go together.There are different ways of doing business; there are different ways of working with people, treating people. I am Richard Wegman the owner of The Y catalog and I want to tell you what is different about The Y Catalog.

I have worked for 30 years in the non-profit world helping to manage large local and national non profits, working to reverse climate change, heal the environment, and to end social injustice. I have also been a practicing yogi for 26 years and a teacher for 17 years. What a blessing. This has brought a perspective that is unique and not very common in the business world. I have decided to open a for profit business so that I can bring the consciousness of being a yogi and my non-profit business experience to the world of for profit. For if we are going to save ourselves from sea level rise, green house gases, war, ethnic strife, and famine we need to get big business participating in the solutions in a real way. An effective way we can do that is to vote with our spending dollars. Every dollar you spend is a vote for a way of working, living and treating people. We can influence the whole world with how we behave in the market place. Big business responds to consumer demand. Always has and always will.

CHARITY At The Y Catalog we will give 1.5 percent of the gross to charity. Many companies promise charities 10% of profits. Let me tell you right now that that usually means they get nothing. 10% of nothing is nothing. So I want to give right off the top. Guaranteed! My feeling is that all companies should give back. We are all part of a collective and as seekers, yogis, and citizens of this planet we have an obligation and a responsibility to help.

SMALL BUSINESS...we want to support the small companies that also strive to help others, that work towards becoming sustainable in their product line, using recycled, organic or otherwise green materials. We have a special category for you if you are only interested in these types of products. (Eco/organic). The Big box stores of this world are sucking the lifeblood out of this country. We, as citizens, are helping them do that by shopping at big box stores. The money you spend there doesn't stay in the community in the same way that shopping at the local small market does and that hurts local economy. The employees usually are not provided benefits or living wages, placing a burden on the local government, hospital and welfare systems.

NON-PROFITS...We at The Y Catalog will continually help a few non profits. Right now those are Amazon Watch, and AfricaASAP.

Amazon Watch is a 501c3 organization based in San Francisco that works to protect the indigenous people of the Amazon. The Amazon are the lungs of the planet and the area we work in is at the heart of that. We protect the people, fight for their rights and thereby protect the Amazon. In the Amazon region of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru, Amazon Watch is working directly with indigenous communities to build local capacity and advance the long-term protection of their lands. We are working in partnership with communities, non-governmental organizations, concerned shareholders and citizens. Go to http://amazonwatch.org/work for more info.


OUR MISSION: Stop the poaching of African Elephants and other, critically endangered species, by providing long-term, near-continuous surveillance of the wildlife refuges where they live. Every 15 minutes, an elephant is slaughtered....for its ivory.


Africa ASAP has a unique and powerful vision, much lauded by anti-poaching groups already working in the field. We combat poaching BEFORE the elephant is killed. We accomplish this with:

  • Near constant, aerial surveillance of large nature reserves with an unmanned, remote controlled airship, loaded with the latest day/night vision aerial camera;
  • sharing timely information on suspicious activities in the reserve with rapid response, law-enforcement partners on the ground, specially trained to combat poaching.
Go to www.AfricaASAP.org for more information

(for full disclosure, I am on the board of directors of Amazon Watch and I am Development Director for AfricaASAP.)

Other non-profits I will help from time to time by making them an affiliate and giving them a larger percent of the gross for a limited time in order to reach out to their constituents. If you know of any that might be interested in earning some charity dollars, please contact us.

EMPLOYEES... At The Y catalog, we will share pre-tax profits with all employees. I believe that employees who feel they are fully engaged in and part of the organization they work for will do a better job than those disconnected from it. When you have aligned motivated employees than the whole organization rises in sales and energy.

CUSTOMERS....why shop here? Well, if all of the above is not enough reasons then here are a few more.

If you ordered from three different companies, you would pay shipping most likely on all three. Buy those same three products here and most likely, you will pay no shipping at all or at most only one fee.

We curate, meaning we find amazing products, and sell the best of their lines, we generally don't carry full lines. Although if you see a product from one of our vendors that we don't carry let us know and we can get it for you. We buy from conscious companies. We search hard for Organic and Eco lines. We respect all body types and look for brands that have all sizes. We want to support small business and help them grow. If you know of some great companies that produce, beautiful conscious products let us know!

We let you earn money from our affiliate program, refer people to us and you will earn dollars on their shopping.

So we share with you, we share with non-profits we share with our staff. It is a big win win win for all. So join our family and help us help others, help us help you, help us help the planet.